There isn’t much to know, but feel free to ask! ask away, anything you need to ask. Booking a wedding photographer is as easy as Joey Tribbiani learning French. Wee Wee


Everyone’s wedding day is different. Could you imagine 400 guests at every single one? my mum would love that

The average day can last between 6-10 hours. Some only go for 30 mins, we all know what Ross and Rachel did in Vegas…


Additional costs such as second shooter can be added onto your day.

A full price/package pdf with any additional add on’s is available upon request - click here

Everything will be supplied onto a Wooden USB and an online gallery! of course not, these images will not feature a large logo on them! they are your photos - enjoy them alongside some red wine.

Prices begin at $3k


Yeah, your the real MVPs here - the cool kids! thank you for considering me and my services first all!

I do require at least 2-4 nights in your city of choice - we can discuss in person or skype! click here



You lucky duck! where are you two thinking of going hey?

Wether it is a vow renewal, a small gathering of 2-10 friends - whatever your idea, let’s make this a stress free event.

Elopements start from $2200


In Love Sessions

Pure evidence for your other half to basically tell the world you they love you! with days to go before your wedding / why not test out those moves - its all fun, just us three hanging out!

I am a professional third wheeler!

Let’s get creative!