Here are a few tips that I like to give to all my future couples, groomsmen - your day may seem simple but remember you future wife to be is going through so much! unless you were like me and had 100+ guests at your parent's house....thats another story!

Brides! its your day, the big day - as I always say. Dont forget to breath, take every second slow and look around. These tips will not only help you but allow me to document your day at my full potential. 



  1. Music! always a must - get that Beyonce or AQUA pumping
  2. Find a nice spot to put your dress, near a window or if on location allow me to suggest a few nice spots
  3. Notify me of any personal or traditional moments you need to be captured

  4. If youd like to surpise Dad with the reveal of your dress, let me know before hand and I can organise it for you
  5. If you have any past images of mum and dad etc, have them in the room
  6. Have a bridesmaid available to help either your photographer or videographer, no need for you to over stress and move things around - allow us to communicate with someone else from within your bridal party.


  1. Please avoid setting up Hair & MUA near the kitchen, if you allow time for me to arrive during the preperation and setting up of make up and hair, then Id best advise you to not have a kettle or a toaster in the background. Find somewhere with natural light, windows or even a clean white wall. Again I can not stress enough, a busy wall is a busy photo
  2. Placing your bridesmaids/flowergirls dresses in the far corner or closet - find a cheap moveable coat hanger from Kmart for the day. It may come in handy in the future




Summer has ended, Autumn has arrived and winter is around the corner. A little afternoon stroll through the Fitzroy Gardens with Nat and Glen, a few weeks before their Dandenong Wedding. 



Welcoming in the new year with Jess and Michelle, a sunday morning down at Studley Park. Finally had the couple and oppurtunity to create this idea I have had for years, drone and boats 


DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Canon 1DX II

50mm 1.2


Who doesn't like a Thursday road trip, better off - a road trip down to the Mornington Peninsula, catching by far one of the best sunrises in 2018 - for it only to hide behind the cloud coverage heading in towards Victoria that became the afternoon thunderstorm. 

With their wedding coming up mid 2018, I got to witness the excitement and love these two have for each other - the evident adventure within their souls and the thrill to explore this world we live in

Together, these two made it one morning to remember!


Canon 1DXII

Canon 50mm 1.2

DJI Phantom 4 Pro


INLOVE sessions allow me to understand the couple before their big day, and vise versa

Little adventure down to Woodend with Ryan and Georgia, both locals - they were shocked not to know of this location/ hidden forest full of exciting views

Hours before the large storm that hit Melbourne, we caught one of the best sunsets.