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Your big day has arrived, everyone and I mean everyone forgets that the groom is under pressure as well! so dont stress amigo - read these following steps to better prepare yourself for the day to come 

Over 3 years experience in the wedding scene so far, some may say "thats not enough Aleks, ive been doing it for 5 years" well Greg, good on you - So dont listen to Greg, and just read on 

Grooms, fear no more as I have your back - photographers and videographers start the day with you, as nervous as you must be; remember we at times are nervous as well - we start our day with you so lets team up and enjoy the morning/afternoon or whatever and whenever this is happening. Here are some things to DO and please, a lot of things NOT TO DO!!!! 



  1. Always have music in the background, itll clam your nerves and of course allow you to forget that Im even there - the sound will basically cancel out any shutter sound my camera makes (well not entirley but enough to keep you feeling less focused on myself)
  2. Enjoy the time with the groomsmen, or if alone the time to breath. 
  3. TAKE YOUR TIME! seriously there is no rush
  4. TALK! i enjoy a good conversation as most of us would - nothing worse then a little akward silence - ive got many Dad jokes thatll break those minutes down!
  5. Make sure the room you want to get ready in is CLEAN
  6. SMILE
  7. Introduce me to your groomsmen, describe who is who as I wont know if Phillip is your brother....
  8. Introduce me to your BEST MAN!
  9. Allow your groomsmen to help out, dont do everything alone - they are there for you
  10. If you are a SOLO groom, im here to help :)



  1. PLEASE DO NOT GET READY BEFORE I ARRIVE - what will i take photos of? 
  2. Avoid drinking/eating too much while getting ready, youd like to make sure your clothes are clean for the rest of the day right
  3. AVOID wearing anything large/bold in the morning or even an item of clothing that you know your wife dislikes...simple clothing is best (yep, i once had the request to "photoshop" a large male figure of a tee shirt as a request from the bride...haha)
  4. Shaving moments before I arrive, try and get that done a little earlier on if possible - why? well as most of us who dont shave we dont really remember the feeling, but if you do shave then im sure youre aware that SKIN likes to go RED/PINK or even a slight chance of RASH post shave - just do it the day before!
  5. CLEAN ROOMS ARE GOOD ROOMS! front room, back room or even the bedroom just make sure there is enough space to take photos for eg if youre using MUM/DADS room - try hiding all of their stuff or even changing the bed sheets. I had a groom do his photos in his parents room alongside their DEER bed sheets..



  • If booking a hotel/airbnb try choosing a place with clean walls, windows and space
  • If youd like to do some activites in the morning e.g. morning run, golf or go for a kick! let me know before hand - I always encourage my clients to have fun! remember the day goes super fast
Aleksandar Jason